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Happy Birthday, my love…

Today is the birthday of my bride of 10 years, Mary Susan Anthony. The above picture was taken in the lobby area of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. We were visiting friends and planned a day trip to the island and went there for their Grand Luncheon Buffet. It is not a euphemistic title. I’ve only seen its like in Las Vegas.

In the background of the photo hung the poster of the real motivation for our visit. Susan is a devote’ of the movie, Somewhere In Time. She is not alone in her ardor for Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer. There was a line of fans waiting to have their picture taken with the poster and news clipping.

The island itself was highly tourist focused, but well worth a visit and since you are there you just as well have the Grand Luncheon.


Johnny Lopez I met my friend Johnny when I was an 18 year old, wild-eyed freshman entering St. Edwards University, Austin, TX. Johnny was just one of the interesting, talented theatre people I met there in Mary Moody Northen Theatre. He and they were instrumental in broadening the horizons of this Hoosier farm boy.